Please Note: Although the current score, time elapsed and other data provided on Mansionbet are sourced from “live” feeds provided by third parties, you should be aware that this data may be subject to a time delay and/or be inaccurate.

            If you rely on this data to place bets at Mansionbet, you do so entirely at your own risk. Please refer to our betting rules for information on how we settle individual markets.

            In Play Live Betting

            In Play betting is at the cutting edge of contemporary sports wagering. It’s the perfect combination of online action and live sport. As they play, you play. Making bets, second guessing outcomes, and predicting results, moments before they happen.

            Mobile betting applications, combined with high speed data, have made the dream of In Play betting a reality. You can now bet the game, as you are watching it. Live from the stadium, live on television, or live via your computer or smart phone.

            In Play Bets at MansionBet

            Most sports are suitable for In Play betting. Any game, where there are natural breaks and pauses, is perfect. At MansionBet, a dedicated section of the website gives players an overview of available In Play action, as well as a detailed itinerary of the day’s live In Play sport.

            When a game is live, on-screen graphics give an indication of game flow and movement. These visualisations can help you plan your next play.

            The most popular In Play sports at MansionBet are:

            Live Football Betting

            The manager brings on a substitute. He looks hungry. There’s a free kick. Will he score? Football is the perfect game for live In Play betting. The odds shift fluidly, the game ebbs and flows. If you’re an armchair pundit with a point to prove, here’s your opportunity to score. The beautiful game just got better.

            Betting on Live Tennis

            Tennis is the most popular individual sport on the world and ideal for some In Play action. Will the champion serve up a double fault? Will the underdog ace the opposition? Every serve, smash, game, match, and set is up for the taking. When the players take a breather, you make a bet. For match and tournament betting go to the MansionBet Tennis page.

            In Play Basketball

            Only ice hockey is a faster team sport than basketball. This makes In Play betting fast and furious with this popular American sport. Short bursts of high octane action make basketball particularly suitable for live betting. The results are often very close. Will the trailing team hit that three-pointer?

            Live Cricket Betting

            With more than 2.5 billion fans worldwide, cricket is a game with deep roots and a loyal following. The game’s combination of short bursts of action and continual breaks make it the perfect option for In Play betting. Will the batsman finally succumb? Is this over his last? You can bet on cricket here or on our dedicated Cricket betting page at MansionBet.

            Live Golf Betting

            Golf’s pedestrian pace makes it perfect for In Play betting. Will he shoot a hole-in-one? Is a birdie coming up? Will the tournament leader drop three shots and end up missing the cut? In Play betting allows you to study form in real time and make bets accordingly. Every shot is a potential In Play bet.

            Live Betting Options: Types of In Running Bets

            Live In Play betting options vary according to the sport. It’s also critical to understand that the odds are constantly moving. Getting the best price is about betting at the right time. To get the most from In Play betting, you need to know what the various betting terms mean and you need to choose your moment wisely.

            The advantage of live betting lies in its immediacy. It’s also a real head-to-head between the player and bookmaker. Pre-match betting often gives players a level playing field of odds. In Play betting forces sportsbooks to react quickly – creating opportunities for the canny player.

            Here are some terms you will comes across enjoying In Play betting at MansionBet:

            Over Under

            This is a great In Play bet, if you are watching basketball. It normally relates to the total number of points (assists, blocks, turnovers, steals) scored in a game. At tip-off, you might predict a points score total of under 110. At half-time, these numbers could already be exceeded. Now, you can bet new odds in real time.

            Prop Bets

            A ‘proposition’ bet is a bet made on any random occurrence in a game. Nothing that will necessarily affect the outcome. You could bet on a pitch invasion, a foul, the colour of the manager’s shirt, who scores first, who gets fouled. The options are limitless. For all the big games at MansionBet, expect a steady stream of prop bets during any live In Play game.


            A parlay is basically the American term for an accumulator: a single bet that combines two or more outcomes. You need to win all your picks, to win your parlay. The more picks you make, the higher the return. When it comes to In Play parlays, the best options are probably the more sedate sports like cricket, golf, and tennis.

            Cash Out

            The cash out is your option to take the money and run. At MansionBet, you can make a profit from your bet before the event has finished. For example: you have bet three football matches to win. All three teams are winning; but only by a single goal, with 30 minutes to play. If you stay to the end, you win £300 from your £10 stake. However, if you cash out now, you get £250. Have you got the nerve to hold fast or do you want the guaranteed win. It’s less but it’s a profit. That’s the joy and pain of cash out.

            Live Betting Offers

            MansionBet has a comprehensive selection of special offers, bonuses, and extras up for grabs, at any time. From the welcome offer and the cashback special, to the free spins on the slots and a complimentary bet on virtual sports, it’s all to play for.

            The suite of offers available changes all the time. If there is a major sports event, you can expect to see some targeted offers. There are several special offers that work beautifully with the live In Play betting at MansionBet.

            Always changing and always worth investigating, make sure you check out the promotions page at MansionBet on a regular basis to secure the hottest deals.

            Here are some of the specials on offer today:

            Free Bets

            From the Cheltenham Festival to the FA Cup, MansionBet goes the extra mile with a selection of featured free bets. Every offer comes with different terms and conditions but it usually involves making a real money wager to unlock the bonus bet. What better way to add a little extra spice to the In Play action.

            Cashback Offers

            Cashback deals are evergreen favourites at several sportsbooks and MansionBet is no exception. Again, the terms and conditions vary according to the offer. As a general rule, a cashback offer returns a percentage of the house win. If your bet loses, you get some of your stake back. This is a canny offer for sharp players who understand margins.

            The bottom line: check the promotions page at MansionBet for the very latest deals.

            Why MansionBet?

            MansionBet is at the vanguard of online betting. Innovative, creative, and exciting. Competitive odds combine with award-winning customer service to deliver a gaming experience that is second to none.

            With a reputation that is the envy of its peers, MansionBet is a market leader in a crowded field. Don’t gamble when you choose a sportsbook. Bet with the best.


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