Mansionbet Disconnection Policy

Unfortunately, communication problems over the internet may from time to time cause an unforeseen event which may affect your bet placement or result, due to a disruption in service where an error, service interruption or mistake ("Disconnection") occurs.

Our Software and system is designed to handle these incidents in a way that protects you from unjustified loss while eliminating the possibility of intentional disconnection and system abuse.

The Disconnection may occur due to a human error or a technical failure on our Website(s) or Software. In these situations and depending on the type of disconnection and when you placed your bet, the following conditions apply:

  1. If a Disconnection takes place after your bet has been placed and there are no further actions to take that may affect the result of your bet, then the result of the bet will stand and the outcome treated accordingly.
  2. If a Disconnection takes place before the result of a bet can be recorded, IE there is no outcome, then the bet placed will be made void and the value of the bet returned back to the customer balance.
  3. For games where there are additional rounds between spins, IE Bonus rounds and Double Ups, should a disconnection occur mid spin in the additional round, all reasonable steps will be taken to restore the game to its last known state to allow the customer to complete the spin.
  4. Should a Disconnection occur on any game where multiple players are allowed to participate, as the players are playing the house and not each other, the same rules as per point 1 and 2 above, apply.
  5. If a disconnection occurs on a Progressive Jackpot, the Progressive Jackpot amount will be restored to the same amount that it was at the point before the Disconnection took place.

Last updated: 29/01/2018


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